Director’s Message…

Ozone Engineers is committed to being the industry leader in the production of Ozone Systems. Our goals include:

* Producing the highest quality products.
* Providing superior client services.
* Promoting client satisfaction and loyalty.
* A commitment to continual innovation and improvement.

We accomplish these goals by hiring quality, self-motivated employees who work as a team to create a positive work environment.

Today with over 1000 installations worldwide, Ozone Engineers:

* Specializes in the production of ozone disinfection systems.
* Offers a complete line of proprietary ozone technology, equipment and accessories.
* Prides itself in the support of its client base whose ozone applications range from very large to small and cover a broad spectrum of industries.

Regardless of your ozone application, chances are we will have the equipment, protocols and knowledge you are looking for. If not, we pride ourselves in providing assistance in the utilization of ozone in new applications and developing new process protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP’s).

We believe in Transparency, Diversity, Accountability, Impact, Unity and Transcendence.


How We Communicate. We believe in radical transparency. Being truly open is empowering. When everyone at Ozone Engineers has all the information, facilitates collaborative solutions, and creates a true meritocracy. Most of all we believe that being transparent with everyone – from employees, to customers, to partners – gives us the best chance to create value and ultimately to win.


Who We Are. More than any other value, this defines us. We believe diversity results in better outcomes and a more complete understanding of the world. We show a mutual respect for other cultures, and innate curiosity to understand those that are not the same.


Taking Responsibility. Einstein said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Learning is top priority at Ozone Engineers, so making mistakes is part of our process. However when they do happen, the key is that Ozone Engineers find solutions and implement them. We take responsibility. No apologies. No excuses. We take ownership and find the way forward with new ideas and approaches.


Using Scale to Drive Change. Everyone sees the challenges (water scarcity, poverty, climate change) facing the world today, but Ozone Engineers are ready to do something about it. However we don’t believe this can be done at a time. Our mission is to have the largest and broadest IMPACT on this planet in the short time we have on it. Everything we do as a company, and as individuals, is driven by this goal. For Ozone Engineers it is not about winning one project… it is about finding ways to scale so we can change the way people think about Ozone Disinfection System.


Together We Stand. Ozone Engineers is a workplace built on collaboration and teamwork, with a foundation of mutual respect for each individual personality/culture. We stand together as one team, united in our objectives to
maximize our impact on this planet. As passionate individuals we may be successful, but ONLY if we stand together as one team, will we truly reach our common goals.


Achieving Greatness. At Ozone Engineers, what we are trying to do is not easy. We are working to transform an industry that hasn’t changed in over 100 years. It takes a special kind of faith and focus to achieve this greatness. It’s that special “something” we look for in every employee of Ozone Engineers – the dedication to push the industry limits and excel to extraordinary levels. It’s only with this approach that Ozone Engineers can achieve its mission of changing the way the world views Ozone Disinfection System. We appreciate you visiting our website. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to working with you on your ozone applications.