• Corona Discharge Technology
  • Oxygen Source
  • Air Cooled CD Module
  • LED Visual Ozone Monitor
  • Over Current Protection


The Ozone Engineers Lab Ozone desktop line of Ozone Generators are designed specifically for laboratory and research applications. Our Ozone Generators are designed to work in conjunction with Oxygen Flow Regulators providing an output of between 0 and 1 LPM. Availibility of wide range of customizable and tailor made designed modifications.


  • Corona Discharge Technology.
  • Air Cooled CD Module.
  • Over Current Protection.
  • External Fuse
  • Tabletop/Desktop Design.
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure.
  • Front Panel Mounted Controls & Connections.
  • LCD Monitoring for Timer.
  • Ozone Non Contact with Metal.


Model – Labozone
Ozone Capacity – 2500mg/hr
Input Gas – Medical Grade Oxygen Flow 0 – 1 LPM Pressure
Ozone Concentration – Adjustable from 0μg/ml – 60μg/ml, calibrated at 0.5 to 1 LPM.
Pressure – Maximum 1Kg/Cm2
Power Consumption – 75 Watts
Dimensions in (LxWxH)mm – 330x275x140
Weight – 4.5Kg

Product specification are subject to change without notice


  • 10 Steps Ozone Output Regulation.
  • Power Status Lamp.
  • LED Visual Ozone Indication.
  • On/Off Switch.


Research Lab
Institution Labs

Operational Requirements

Electrical Requirement: 230 Volts 50 Hz Single Phase
Feed Gas: Oxygen Supply