• Corona Discharge Technology
  • MOSFET based High Voltage Power Supply
  • 0 – 100% Ozone Variable
  • Smart LCD Display Monitoring & Controller
  • Indication of Ozone Output Status
  • In Built Air Compressor

Ozone Engineers IA series Ozone Generator system is very compact and in built compressor, one button system control and remarkable ozone output. Ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, the IA Series generators combine air-cooled ozone generation with on board air compression all housed in a compact wall-mountable mild steel enclosure.
The components of IA series ozone generator are mounted in a GRP cabinet and all the parts that comes in to contact with ozone are made of stain less Steel, glass, PTFE and viton materials.

Our corona discharge ozone generator is typically MOSFET based high frequency high voltage power supply with Ferrite core transformer by forced air cooled technology, which results in high ozone production with low power consumption.

Our ozone generator is equipped with micro controller technology for smart display which monitors and controls voltage and power, which makes the system highly safe for operation.
The concentration of ozone discharged is controllable from 0 – 100% by a dial potentiometer to vary the current to the CD module, which will be displayed on ozone smart display. If for any reason ozone production is stopped there will be fault warning display. The unit is protected electrically by an Internal and External accessible fuse.

  • Corona Discharge Technology.
  • MOSFET Based High Voltage Power Supply
  • High Concentration Ozone Upto 2% by Weight.
  • 0 – 100% Ozone Variable.
  • Smart LCD Display Monitoring and Controller.
  • Phase Monitoring and Control.
  • Indication of Ozone Output Status.
  • Over Current Protection.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Safety Door Switch.
  • EMI Protection.
  • Air Cooled Corona Discharge Module.
  • Feed Gas Flow Control Valve.
  • External Fuse Protection.
  • Stainless Steel CD Module.
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Enclosure.
Model Max. Ozone Production
Ozone Concentration% Weight Feed Gas Flow Rangeby Air LPM Inlet Feed GasPressure PSI Power Consumptionin Watts Ozone Outlet Fittings mm Machine Dimension LxWxH mm Nett Weightin Kgs. Download
IAE 2 2 2 14 30 120 6 300x280x480 9.5 Download
IAE 3 3 2 14 30 150 6 300x280x480 10 Download
IA 5 5 2 14 30 250 6 300x280x480 14 Download

Product specification are subject to change without notice

Electrical Requirement: 230 Volts 50 Hz Single Phase

Aqua Culture
Drinking Water
Swimming Pool
Vegetable & Fruit Washing
Water Disinfection

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