• Corona Discharge Technology
  • In-Built Oxygen concentrator
  • Water Circulation pump
  • Ozone Injection System

The skid system included Ozone Generator, Oxygen Concentrator, SS Water Pump,
Venturi Injector, Static Mixer, Water Flow Meter & Valve Control are housed in a compact
stainless steel frame with compact design, easy to move & ready to use ozone applications.

  • Corona Discharge Technology
  • Air Cooled Ozone Reactor Tube
  • Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester Enclosure
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Ozone Variable Output
  • SS Circulation Tank (Optional)
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • SS Pump with Inbuilt Venturi Injector System
ModelMax. Ozone Production Grams/hrOzone Concentration % weightPower Consumption WattsOzone Outlet Fittings inches (mm)Machine Dimension LxWxH in MMNett Weight KgsPacking Dimension LxWxH in CMGrass Weight Kgs
S-1010627501/4” (6.35)700x450x14009080x70x60140
S-2020628501/4” (6.35)700x450x14009580x70x60145
S-3030630001/4” (6.35)700x450x140011080x70x60160
S-4040832001/4” (6.35)700x450x140012080x70x60170
S-5050840001/4” (6.35)700x450x140013080x70x60160
S-8080842001/4” (6.35)700x450x140014080x70x60170
S-100100843001/4” (6.35)700x450x140015080x70x60170

Product specification are subject to change without notice

All S Series models have the following operational requirements :
1. Electrical Requirement : 230V 50 Hz 1 phase
2. Inlet Water Supply

Poultry Industry

Water Disinfection

Drinking Water

Waste Treatment

Swimming Pool

Aquatic Culture

Laundry and more

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What is ozone?
How does ozone work?
How is ozone produced?