ONG Series

Oxygen Concentrator

Ozone Engineers OxyNxtGen – Oxygen concentrator works with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology to produce oxygen, Uses ambient air as source of oxygen. It is designed to deliver continuous and concentrated flow of oxygen. It has been designed to provide a combination of enhanced features, reliability of a proven technology and unsurpassed quality. Simply plug the unit and turn it on for high purity oxygen delivery and reliably.
Ozone engineers oxygen concentrator is of industrial grade with inbuilt purity meter. Just a press of button to know the purity level of oxygen coming out. Purity level is displayed in percentage. If the purity level is low you get indication by a LED to replace the molecule sieve.

  • Ozone Generator Feed Gas
  • Medical Application
  • Aquatic Culture

  • PSA Technology
  • High Efficiency Compressor
  • Inbuilt Oxygen Purity Display
  • Hour Reference Meter
  • Main Circuit Breaker
  • Feed Gas Flow Control Valve
  • Mild Steel Enclosure

  • Feed Gas Flow Control
  • On/Off Switch
  • Hour Reference Meter
  • Main Circuit Breaker
  • Purity Indicator
Model Oxygen Flow Delivery
Rate in LPM
Purity %
Power Consumption
in Watts
Oxygen Outlet
Fittings mm
LxWxH in mm
Weight in
ONG-5 0 - 5 LPM 93% (+/- 3%) 500 Watts 6 430 x 320 x 800 35
ONG-10 0 - 10 LPM 93% (+/- 3%) 600 Watts 6 430 x 320 x 800 38