Ozone Generator for Cold Storage

Ozone Helps Produce Last Longer by Extending Shelf Life.


Common Applications for Ozone use in Food Storage

  • Potato Storage Facilities
  • Onion Storage Facilities
  • Citrus Fruit Storage
  • Vegetable Storage
  • Aged Ham Storage
  • Cool Meat Storage
  • Preservation of Fish and Seafood
  • General Cold Storage Facilities

Methods of Ozone Application


Benefits of Ozone Use in Cold Storage

  • Extend shelf-life of the produce within the cold storage facility.
  • Air-borne microbiological control.
  • Low ozone levels.
  • High ozone levels can be used for disinfection when room is empty.
  • Surface sanitation can be maintained.
  • By inhibiting microbiological growth pathogens on the surface of produce, containers, and walls will be kept to a minimum.
  • Eliminate mold growth from cold storage area.
  • Odor control.
  • Maintain an odor-free cold storage area.
  • Keep odors from cross contaminating between products.
  • Ethylene Removal.
  • Reduced food spoilage microorganisms. (including spores)

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