MAS Series

Mobile Air Sterilizer

The MAS is engineered to produce high level of Dissolved ozone in the air to meet common disinfection and oxidation tasks. Ozone is a `Chemical-free’ sanitizing agent leaving no residual, any excess of ozone breaks down into oxygen. Ozone has a short reaction time and requires a shorter contact time than chemical alternatives.
The MAS is best when you require ozone disinfection in multiple locations within a facility, different buildings, larger facilities, or when you simply want the convenience of mobility.

MAS is fully automated DUAL mode system ozone disinfection and ozone destruction controlled by inbuilt ozone monitor. The first cycle generates ozone to kill the airborne pathogens, the second cycle destructs ozone and convert it into oxygen ready to be occupied quickly.


  • Fully Automatic Control System
  • Variable Ozone Output
  • Ozone Status Indication LED
  • Smart LCD Display Monitoring
  • Emergency Stopper
  • Automatic Ozone Destruction Process
  • Ozone Monitor Inbuilt
  • Mild Steel Enclosure
  • Advance Safety Ensured
  • Dual Operations
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Plug & Play Unit
Safety precautions
  • Do not switch-on the sterilizer while there is humans present inside the area
  • Do not enter the area while the system is on
  • Enter only after the machine stops, after hearing the buzzer sound
  • In case of emergency press the emergency stop button
Method of Usage
  • Move the system to the area of usage and plug it to the socket and switch-on.
  • Ensure all the doors & windows are closed & switch on the fan for gas circulation
  • Select the option of area to be sterilized
  • Set the desired ppm level
  • Press the start button – default delay timer 30 seconds, exit the are & close the door
  • The machine star ozone sterilization process and runs upto the ppm set point
  • As the ppm set point reached sterilization process stops and destruction process gets started
  • Destruction process stops when the ozone level gets to 0.02 ppm ( human entry level as per the OSHA standards)
  • After the destruction process completes the system gives buzzer alarm for human entry
  • Now the area is sterilized and ready for occupation, remove the plug and move the system for the aside or for another location for sterilization process.
Model Ozone Output
Ozone Output
by wt%
Air Flow
Rate CFM
Max. Treatment
Area in Sq. Ft
Input AC
Watts Dimension
LxWxH in mm
Weight in
MAS-1 5 1000 2 1000 230 V 600 400 x 500 x 950 55
MAS-2 10 2000 5 2000 230 V 1100 450 x 550 x 950 55