MWS Series

Mobile Water Sanitation

The MWS is engineered to produce high levels of dissolved ozone in the water to meet common disinfection and oxidation tasks. Ozone is a powerful sanitizing agent, 2 ppm of ozone is equal to 400 ppm of chlorine. Ozone has a short reaction time and require a shorter contact time than chemical alternatives.
MWS Series system designed with inbuilt oxygen concentrator, ozone mixing pump with venturi injector for ozone injection, for spraying of the ozonated water a spray wand is incorporated with the system.
A Complete mobile watering system for cleaning purposes.
MWS Series systems are customized product, depending upon the application the ozone dosage/PPM will defer.


  • Green Technology
  • Chemical Free Process
  • 100% Disinfection
  • Natural Oxidizer
  • CIP – Clean In Place
  • 3000 Times Faster
Method of Usage
  • Connect to the power supply 230V AC Input and Switch ON
  • Water supply has to be given to the system
  • As soon as water supply is given power ON the machine
  • Ozone Mixing Pump will suck the water and pass through venture injector were ozone is mixed with the water
  • Ozonated water comes out via spray wand for cleaning purpose.
  • Once cleaning process is done power off the system and cut off the water supply.