Napi / Mask Smaze

Napi / Mask Smaze, Sanitary Napkin destroyer is used for instant disposal of used napkins in a very scientific and hygienic way. It is specially designed to destroy napkins in a user friendly and convenient way. It is the best solution for destroying sanitary napkin and converting it to sterile ash.
The Unit is Prepared with powder coated sheet metal and SS (Stainless Steel) for Good Look and to avoid Corrosion. It’s Automatic and Works on Domestic Electrical Supply. It is Idle for Sanitary Napkin Disposal & Small Clinical Waste. Our System for Sanitary Napkin Disposal is Eco- friendly, Helps to Avoid Drainage Line Chock-ups and having Very easy & Safe Operation.


  • Advanced Technology, Electrically Operated
  • Burns Up to 200 Napkins Per Day
  • Auto Timer Cut Off Function
  • Ceramic Fibre Board Insulation for External Heat Protection
  • After Burn Less Than 1gm of Ash Per Napkin
  • Auto Thermal Cut Off For Safety
  • Compact In Size, Can Be Mounted Anywhere
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Wall Mountable & User Friendly
Area of Usage
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Ladies Toilets
  • Women Hostels
  • Girls Schools & Colleges
  • Corporate Offices
  • Railway Stations
  • Movie Halls, etc.,
System Working Principle

  • A sanitary napkin incinerator machine is used to dispose used sanitary napkins safely.
  • The machine burns the used napkins and reduces it to ash.
  • The system involves an incinerator which uses electricity to heat the heating coil which in turn will lit up the sanitary napkins when dumped into the incinerator
  • When the sanitary napkin burns, it is reduced to ashes.
Method of Usage
  • Wall mount the system and plug the power card to the switch board and power ON the system
  • Wrap the used napkin / small clinical waste and open the front door of the system
  • Place the napkin / small clinical waste inside the chamber and closed it
  • Press the press to burn button to burn the used napkin / small clinical waste
Model Capacity
Per day
in Watts
LxWxH in mm
Weight in
NS Micro 50 Napkins 230V AC 100 Wall 225 x 250 x 400 12
NS Mini 200 Napkins 230V AC 1200 Wall 290 x 290 x 575 25
NS Max 400 Napkins 230V AC 2400 Floor 400 x 400 x 750 60