OAS Series

Ozone Air Sterilizer

Ozone Engineers manufactures superb range of ozone air sterilizer for domestic & industrial applications with superior portable design, these ozone air sterilizer are ideal for eliminating contamination in air. With superior control featured and durable characteristics these units are available as per customer requirement.

Method of Operation

These model ozone air sterilizer used widely because of its easy operation method with high efficiency in low cost. This model sterilizers can sterilize minimum 200 sq.ft to maximum 1500 sq.ft area.

  • First ensure that no human being present in the area of sterilization.
  • Keep all the windows and doors closed and switch on the fan for gas circulation
  • Plug on the system in the electrical socket
  • Adjust the timer depending upon the area size
  • Switch on the ozone system and exit the area followed closing the door
  • The machine shuts off automatically according to the time set
  • Ensure not to enter the area for another 30 mins after the machine is offed.
  • Finally enter the area &unplug the system.
  • Variable ozone output
  • Manual / Timer operation
  • Portable model
  • Plug & Play unit
  • Ozone Status Indication LED
  • External Fuse
  • Power indication lamp
  • Stainless steel enclosure
Model Ozone Output
Ozone Output
by wt%
Air Flow
Rate CFM
Max Treatment
Area in Sq.Ft
Input AC
Power Watts Dimension
LxWxH in mm
Weight in
OAS-4 4 2 60 750 230 V 80 450 x 180 x 200 7
OAS-8 8 2 100 1500 230 V 160 450 x 180 x 200 8