Ozone Generator for Aqua Culture

Ozone is increasingly used in Aqua Culture due to its numerous advantages over traditional water treatment methods. Supplementing or replacing an existing system, Ozone implementation has the potential to boost the competitive advantage of your Aqua Culture application.

Why Ozone Use is Growing in Aqua Culture

  • It effectively removes Organics, Pesticides, Discoloration and Nitrates.
  • Typically unconsumed Ozone reverts back to Oxygen, leaving no harmfull residuals behind.
  • Ozone oxidizes long chain molecules, which are unaffected by bio-filtration.
  • Ozone involves far lower risk of accidental pollution in comparison to other water treatment methods.
  • Ozone improves the effectiveness of biological and particulate filtration.


Ozone Advantages

  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Faster Growth Rates
  • Reduction of Waterborne Diseases
  • High Standard of Environmental Control
  • Supplements other Treatment Processes

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