Domestic Ozone

MOS – Multipurpose Ozone Sterilizer

Multipurpose Ozone Sterilizer is domestic model forair & water treatment purpose, ozone originated fromair with some pressure will be expelled from the exit.This model is easy to move, compact construction, low noise,low temperature growth and stable quantity of ozoneproduction.
MOS mainly used for vegetable and fruit washing at home. The ozone which is dissolved in the water will oxidize all the pesticides, bacteria, virus which is present on the surface of the fruits and vegetables.Washing vegetables & fruits with ozone will increase the self -life and keeps vegetable and fruits fresh.Chicken, meat & fish can be cleaned with ozone for the same purposes. Can visibly see the differences when compared with normal water washing.
MOS – Multipurpose ozone sterilizer can be used at home for different purposes like vegetable, fruit, chicken, meat, fish cleaning, remove refrigerator odor, drinking water disinfection, bathing with ozonized water, home laundry wash, pets cleaning, room sterilization (small area) etc.,


  • Reliable Ozone Output
  • Feather Touch Buttons
  • Timer Operations
  • Compact Design
  • Inbuilt Air Pump
  • Wall Mountable / Table Top
Safety precautions
  • If you want to stop it while it is working, press the Stop button.
Method of Usage
  • Connect to the power supply 230V AC Input, the Timer LED light will begin, and check all functions carefully
  • Press the set timer button to set your desired time: 15', 30', 45', 60'. and the LED light display will show the time you choose
  • Press the start button to start working machine and press once again same button machine operation will be stop.
  • Connect the silicone tube to the ozone outlet connector, then put the ozone outlet ball to the bottom of the vesselwhere you wish to sterilize. (When sterilizing the AIR, no need to connect the silicone tube.)
Model Ozone Output
Ozone Output
Air Flow
Rate CFM
Max Treatment
Area in Sq.Ft
Wt %
LxWxH in mm
Weight in
MOS 500 1 5 250 230V 10 175 x 65 x 220 1.2