Ozone Generator >

Air colled and water cooled ozone generator for various water and air applications ranges from 2gm/hr to 2 Kg/hr.


Oxygen Concentrator / Plant >

Medical oxygen concentrator / PSA Oxygen plant with LCD purity display and in-built pressure safety sensor makes the machine special and enables to monitor very easily.


Mobile Air Sterilizer >

Mobile Ozone Air Sterilizer is fully automatic and advanced system for air sterilization with inbuild sensor and destructor


Ozone Air Sterilizer >

Ozone Air Sterilizer is portable system comes in two different model for 750 sq.ft. and 1500 sq.ft. area sterilization.


Car Air Sterilizer >

Car Air Sterilizer is specially designed for car disinfection, works with 12V DC. It is a compact system with timer based control.


Air Odor Sterilizer >

Air Odor Sterilizer is a compact system with multiple timer control. It is used to eradicate bad odor in the small area / rest rooms etc.


Mutlipurpose Ozone Sterilizer >

Multipurpose Ozone Sterilizer is a domestic product for vegetables & fruit washing, chicken, meat, fish cleaning, drinking water disinfection, refridgerator cleaning etc,


Mobile Water Sanitation >

Mobile Water Sanitation is a unique system for washing the equipment, cleaning the floors and other machineries or objects with ozonized water.


Ozone Monitor >

Top model ozone monitors to measure accurate ozone level in ambient condition and to measure the dissolved ozone level in the water.


Ozone Destructor & Scrubber>

This descrutor is equipped for destroying ozone by thermally and catalytically, doubles operation for 100% efficency.


Ozone Accessories>

High Quality Ozone compatible material of accessories for the better injection and disolvency of ozone to acheive desired result.


Napi / Mask Smaze >

Wall mountable & Compact system and a must need product to destroy sanitary napkins / masks and small clinical waste.