Ozone Generator for Sewage Treatment Plant

Wastes are treated by a variety of sewage treatment processes that are aimed at reducing the biological oxygen demand and removing nutrients that could cause eutrophication of receiving waters Sewage treatment can involve physical removal of solids (primary treatment); biological decomposition of organic compounds (secondary treatment); chemical, physical or biological removal of other constituents such as heavy metals, nitrogen, and phosphates (tertiary treatment); and disinfection to remove potentially pathogenic microorganisms.


  • Zero Discharge.
  • Colorless Treated Water.
  • Odorless Treated Water.
  • Suitable even if there is uneven supply of sewage.
  • No STP odor issue even during the treatment process.
  • Highly suitable for inconsistent sewage.
  • Overall Organic & Inorganic content reduction (BOD & COD).
  • Less Sludge Production.
  • Low Space Requirement.
  • Dose not requires continuous operation.
  • Low Operating Cost.
  • MLSS and SVI monitoring not required.
  • Environmentally Safe to treat sewage water disposed in Land or Water.
  • Treated flushing, irrigation, construction and many more potable uses.

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